Recycling waste into furniture 3D printing

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3D printers help designers create unique objects. But the waste nylon powder in 3D printing process can be recycled to make furniture not?

The answer is with the new invention of two former students of the Academy Royal art.

Nylon powder produced in the 3D printing process. But seemed to leave the powder will be reused to create many types of furniture, furniture unique shape.

He Seongil Choi - The inventor said: "During the study, we have tested a wide variety of plastics can melt around the heated wire with an electric current running through. And we soon discovered SLS 3D printer that produces more waste. "

The research team for the current running through the metal fibers, causing the wire to heat up, melt the surrounding bui nylon.

First, they shape the nickel wires Nichrome thin sections. Then nickel wire is placed inside a container filled with a mixture of silica sand and flour 3D printing waste.

A current flows through the hot Nichrome wire made of up to 500 degrees C - that the molten material in bins and linked together to form a solid.
England Fabio Hendry added: "This process takes place very quickly. For example, we created the Nichrome wire, place them in a container mixed materials, to the electricity flowing Nichrome wire in 20 minutes. So we I have a perfect piece of furniture but if using different production methods, it will take a lot of time.
Two inventors confirmed production method furniture can bring a different perspective on the recycling of waste from the printing process, which previously people thought impossible.

And in the future, if they could find investors, they hope these unique furniture will be manufactured on a large scale.