10 interior design trends Future

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These works entirely made of wood, curves and straight lines neat calming effect our feelings. They represent a country style, humility, almost non-designed. In we can see the reflection of our needs for the clearance of mind, to lose the way we consume thoroughly.

Be humble

The pure work reminds us of the limitations of the product. Whiteness and calmness we create a sense of mystery. Combined together, they form a kind design temple, dedicated to the spiritual life. Think, relax, focus ...


Funny, vain, irresistible, surreal, sometimes bizarre, the products fully curiosity brighten up everyday life of ours. It could be the design of the pastry shops in France, where the craving for sweets of us can not restrain.


Products round, at inflated, while being padded as our jacket, evoking safety, refuge, protection. The main message is, we want to protect themselves, while constantly exploring the world.


The magnification, the hero of the art to- find their place among the products of our furniture. They are a testament to the design, although no desire replaced by contemporary art, but it is increasingly showing his greatness.


Designed like children's drawings, scribbling, sketchy, these works tell us about the story full of imagination, makes us happy. Just because we have grown so quickly, closer to nature and animals in recent years. Obviously the emotional relationship to the works will become the main theme in the future.


We have more and more freedom to come anytime, anywhere favorite. Furniture folded, portable lamps, textiles bearing the influence of regional and mobile products is the most obvious example of a nomadic lifestyle.


Advances in technology will help us to work directly with machinery. Soon we will not know that the products around us comes from manufacturing or industrial crafts. We will move towards the consolidation of the product. The hybrid will replace the bipolar. Family products are inspired by 3D, ultra-light materials, high technology. Its aesthetic is often mixed with an ancient shape.


Dull metal, the sculptures and the careful grinding stones reflect our interests before the exquisite works of art are created by human hands. The back of the metal work evokes our desire to shape the future.


Our fear of the future leads us towards the materials and forms of primitive, crude, wild and incomplete. Some are made of paper, wood or recycled materials. All of them express our desire for more intimacy with things primitive.