Shopping Guide


Thank you who have used the product of our company, to purchase on our website, you please do the following:

Step 1: Select and browse products.

Step 2: Add products to your shopping cart by clicking the "Buy Now". How much you want to buy the same products they click on the + or mark -

Step 3: Payment

After completing the purchase, go to the "View Cart" and fill in the boxes below. If you do not have email, please use this email to fill in blank spaces

If we do not wish to purchase the selected products, please click on the delete icon on the end product.

Or we can also increase or decrease the number of products, the system will automatically update your changes as the quantity and unit price.

Finally click the "Submit order", store staff will contact you for delivery on request.

You also can order directly over the phone.

Time to take orders from 08h ~ 16h. After this time we will forward your order to the next day.

Delivery time from 16h ~ 20h same day.

Thank you!