Website an introduction and sales of interior decoration products.

Welcome to the VNC

When the economy grows, the need to have a comfortable living space is becoming urgent. Furniture in the living space is the family, and now focus on certain interest. However, the market is repeating a boring design, the negligence in the manufacturing process and a lack of professionalism in the customer care services are gradually creating a negative view to the domestic wood products. More than ever needed revolution to create the furniture "Vietnam High Quality Goods". That's why we have created the brand VNC.

VNC is a website introducing and selling products beauty furnishing your home customer. VNC is one of our brand growing. With the "When living space is art" has been creating beautifully designed product line, high quality comes thoughtful service. VNC staff are young architects, craftsmen are dedicated to each product and follow guidelines:

- Beauty products Homedecor

- Unique design and creativity.

- VNC originally developed national market then world.

MST: 0302 696 880

60/8 Road 18, Block 3, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District